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To Whom it May Concern:

I have found Kimberly Carruolo of Austin Farm Cattery to be a joy to work with. She has answered all my questions thoroughly and professionally.
Our new kitten is everything a Ragdoll should be: he's friendly, beautiful, agile, loves his humans, and above all healthy with an adorable personality.
His favorite position is to curl under my chin, belly up and purr. He's adjusted easily to our 2 dogs and other Ragdoll cat and quickly made our home his home.
Blue Boy is so much fun and possesses all the wonderful Ragdoll traits. His loving eyes say it all. I would highly recommend a kitten from Kimberly at Austin Farm.
Pound Ridge, N.Y.


December 31, 2005

Cricket a/k/a The Belly Baby, has been with us for 3 weeks now. She is an absolutely beautiful loving kitten who has charmed everyone who has come into this house. All she has to do is look at you with those big blue eyes and you're done for! I've always wanted a Ragdoll, but for various reasons I ended up with a feral calico, a feral orange tiger and a Maine Coonlet. Three months ago we were forced to make the awful decision of putting the calico to sleep. Things eventually returned to normal, but we missed her so much and decided to add a new kitten into the mix. From everything I have read, a Ragdoll would be the perfect choice. Their size and disposition are in keeping with the two already a part of our household, and Kim is 5 minutes away from our house. What a great find, not only did we not have to travel for days to find a kitten, but we also met Kim. She is not only kind and caring person who really do enjoy what she does, but she is also down to earth. There is nothing pretentious about this cattery. I have called/emailed Kim several times with questions and she has taken the time to respond and be sure we're comfortable with responses. When we were unable to get our questions answered by our vet (due to the stomach flu), Kim was there. Kim even called just to see how Cricket was doing. She wasn't kidding when she said she stands behind her kittens!

But my favorite part of this whole experience was actually going to Kim's house. If you've spent sometime looking at the website you have an idea of how many cats live at the cattery, but having them ALL come out to greet you at once is another story! I opened the door and took 3 steps inside and 10 cats walked into the room to inspect me. Now there's a sight! I could have stayed and played for hours and I was wearing black pants. I know there will be more kittens in our future, and they will definitely be Kim's.


Nancy Chamberlin


January 4, 2006

Austin Farm Cattery is a true treasure that I found on the Internet. I was impressed not only with the design of the website, but the quick response that I received once I contacted Kimberly. She was patient and informative. Her passion for her feline friends are truly evident with every single phone conversation I've had with her. There were other catteries in close proximity to where I live but, there was no problem for me to travel an hour and a half away to pick up my perfect blue color point kitty. When I finally I met Kim and her "pretties" I was spellbound. One Ragdoll was prettier than the other and they all swarmed around me to greet me. They were most hospitable with their dazzling blue eyes. Pictures do not do these beauties justice. Her Ragdolls' eyes up close and personal, really have a fire that's downright bewitching. I wanted one in every color she has.
Well to say the least the Austin Farm Cattery experience was extra special. Tinsel is growing beautifully and everyone that meets her seems to be enchanted and wanting to know more about my furry friend. She is quite the showstopper......

thank you Kimberly once again and I hope to see you again,

Truly Grateful


January 19, 2005

We would like to thank and sincerely recommend Kimberly at Austin Farms Cattery. My wife and I recently took possession of a beautiful and energetic Seal point Ragdoll. Without any doubt, these animals are stunning beauties. All of Kimberly's kittens are remarkably well bred and stunningly healthy. We are so pleased that we were able to find Kimberly, and we were so lucky that we were able to become the owners of Shelby (see past kitten photos). My wife and I are already looking forward to trying to obtain a second beautiful Ragdoll. Rest assured, you have found the right breeder. The quality of her animals speaks for itself.
Thank You,

Gregg and Trisha
February 13, 2006

Hi Kimberly,

Today, as you know, is BooBoo Bear’s first birthday. I just wanted to ask you to give his mom & dad a big hug & kiss from BooBoo Bear and me. We are both grateful that they brought such a beautiful boy into this world. We are also grateful to you for helping to make that happen, and for raising little BooBoo Bear during his first steps into this world till you placed him in my loving arms. I love that little guy, and couldn’t imagine my life without him. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Take care,

Shannon and BooBoo Bear

April 5, 2006

   On February 11, 2006, I had to make the heart wrenching decision to put my beloved Siamese cat Nika down. She had been very sick for a few weeks, and was showing signs of congestive heart failure. The decision was more agonizing than most would understand. She had been through some very dark times with me including my husband’s resent heart valve replacement surgery on January 10, 2006. While my husband was in Boston and my son with my mother, Nika was my trusted companion and friend.
   Upon Nika’s death, I was beside myself with grief. My husband suggested a new kitten. I was unsure of how I felt about a new kitten so close to Nika’s death. I took his advice and started doing some research on cat, and a breed that would be a fit for my family when I stumbled upon Kimberly’s website. After seeing her beautiful Ragdolls, and learning about their wonderful personalities, I decided that a Ragdoll would be the perfect fit for my family.
   I proceeded to contact Kimberly, and her immediate response that she had just the kitten I was looking for was marvelous. I was concerned about placing a deposit on the kitten with out seeing him yet, but she assured me that all of her sales are done via internet. So I placed the deposit, and was so glad that I did.
   Kimberly was magnificent in informing me of the progress of my kitten Brady (after Tom Brady, my husband and I are huge Patriot fans). She sent new pictures every few weeks, and updates on his new milestones. When the time came to pick Brady up, she was very accommodating to our needs. Not only did not husband and I go to pick Brady up, but my 4-year-old niece and my 2-year-old son, and my mother. Kimberly did not seem to mind in the least.
   When the time is right to purchase a new friend for Brady, I would not hesitate to go through Austin Farm Cattery again. Kimberly was helpful and informative even after we arrived home.

Thank you for all of your help!

Amy, Matt, and Ryan Devlin
April 9, 2006

It is a week today since we brought our Corey home. He has quickly won the hearts of all of our friends and family who have met him and has thoroughly adjusted to his new home. We are delighted.

We began our search for Corey in February when our beloved Himalayan of 20 years passed away. At the time, I was looking for either another Himalayan or a Maine Coon cat to fill the empty space. Knowing that the next cat would be a family member for many years to come, I began searching the internet and contacted several breeders. I came across an article on the qualities and traits of the Ragdolls - fluffy like a Himalayan and large like a Maine Coon. But what really caught my attention was the description of the loving personalities. After writing to a couple of Ragdoll breeders, I found Kimberly’s website. I emailed her and she immediately responded. After just 2 conversations with her, I put a deposit on a kitten.

Kimberly kept me informed of Corey’s growth, health and antics at least 2 to 3 times a week. I would get so excited when I‘d come home from work and find a picture in my email!.. We had fallen in love with our kitty before we even picked him up.

The best part was when we drove the 3 hours to get our Corey. Kimberly and at least 5 cats came to the door and welcomed us in her home. Since I had been to her website at least 100 times, I knew all the cats by name and asked to see some of them. She introduced each one to us and I could tell she loved each one individually. What really impressed me was the interactions the cats had among themselves. The other mothers would go to my kitty and clean him and treat him as he was their own. The love in that house was incredible! When we put Corey in his carrier to get ready to leave, all the cats surrounded the carrier as if to say goodbye and give him a proper send off. We were so impressed that within 48 hours, we decided to get a companion for Corey. I can’t wait to visit Kimberly and the cats again when we pick up our Lexi.

Since Corey has come home, Kimberly has kept in touch with us and has been there to answer all my questions and give updates on Lexi. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Kimberly to anyone looking to adopt a gorgeous, well adjusted, intelligent, healthy and loving kitten like our Corey..


Fair Lawn, NJ


December 24, 2011