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Isabella Blue celebrated her first birthday today with a candle and her favorite cookie. She had a great time and loved all her new toys.  She had her two cousin cats , and of course her sister Ruby , but it was just way too hard to capture a cute pic of everybody.
Thanks for a great year of love,
Linda Barrett


      My husband and I decided to get a Ragdoll after looking at several web sites. They were beautiful kittens. We  e-mailed  quite a few catteries and Kimberly kept in touch with me. She answered me quickly with a beautiful Blue Tortie female we picked her up within a week. I found Austin Farms to be very clean and Kimberly was very friendly, answering my questions, all the papers work was in order. If I decide to adopt again I would go through Austin Farms. Kimberly, thank you for keeping in touch

 Christine " Lacy Lu's " mom



We'd like to let you know that we are writing you this letter so that we can share our experience with your prospective clients.

" My wife and I are an owner of mixed Himalayan cat and we wanted to get her a companion. We searched the internet for Ragdoll breeders in New England. We were very pleased with the information and pictures we found the Austin Farm Cattery website. I sent Kim an email and got a very prompt response from her. We were interested in a seal mitted Ragdoll and Kim mentioned that she had one available as well as other kittens. We felt comfortable with her so we made a deposit that same day and decided to pick up the kitten the following morning.

We drove to Rhode Island from New Hampshire the following day to pick our kitten. One of our first observation is that the kittens were kept in a clean and happy environment as they were playing around the house ! By talking to Kim, we got the impression that they were dedicated in providing the kittens the nurturing they need at their most critical time of their development.

Kim was great in every aspect of the adoption process ! She answered all our questions in detail and we learned a lot about Ragdolls and their good-natured temperament. We saw our kitten and he was well adjusted in Kim's home as he was very playful with them. We named our new kitten Oscar.

Once at home, our cat and Oscar got along in no time at all and now they are best of friends. Oscar is a very intelligent, healthy, vocal, laid-back but a fun-loving kitten. He has become a cherished member of our family. It was our first time to adopt a kitten and it was a memorable experience. We want to thank Kim for providing us that experience and a kitten that brings us much such joy ! "

Raniel & Olivia


Dear Kim,

Moppet (as my husband decided to name her) has been living with us for exactly two weeks now and we adore her! She is beautiful, affectionate and playful. She has adapted amazingly well to our dog and the two of them play together and nap curled up together. We are absolutely delighted with her.

I appreciate how quickly and thoroughly you responded to all my inquiries and your willingness to be available on a Sunday so that I could drive up, visit with you and then purchase the kitten. You were patient answering my questions and giving me a chance to get to know the kitten before I took her home. She was in excellent health and spiritsĖand of course in growing at a great weight.

Thank you so much.


Kirsten Dahl


Hi Kim,
Many thanks for making our home happy again.  We were devastated when our 18 year old Ragdoll died. Because she was a gift, we didn't know where to begin.  Our vet told us to go on line and search for Ragdoll breeders.  There were quite a few to choose from, so we contacted a few that we thought sounded reliable. You responded immediately and were most helpful accommodating of our request.  After seeing your cattery and the loving environment the kittens are raised in, we knew we made the right choice. Your continued interest in your kittens well-being after they have been sold is something we will always remember.
    Liz and Bill 


Moppet is just thriving--what a wonderful kitten--she and our dog Muffin are so funny together and so devoted to each other! Moppet has been an absolutely perfect addition to our household!  Hope all is well with you.  Kirsten Dahl


November 1, 2005
Dear Kim,
This letter is so overdue!
I got Frankie from you one year ago this Labor Day. Given the holiday weekend, I felt like I traveled all over the world to get him. Well, he was worth it! Last December I was in a near fatal car accident. I had my family but it was Frankie who laid on the right side of the bed with me everyday until I got better. I went back to work after 6 months and I am not sure who had the withdrawals, me or Frankie.
I called Kim shortly after that and I was in pursuit of another one of her dolls. 
Kim was very professional yet so caring about what I was looking for in another Rag. She listened, cared and was very prompt in getting back to me. I was extremely fortunate that her cattery remembers previous owners and tries hard to help them. I got Lucas this summer and he is a gem! Frankie was skeptical at first but now they are inseparable!
I have been so lucky to obtain 2 wonderful and PURRfect cats from Kimís cattery. My cats are on her website (Frankie and Lucas). They are beautiful but when I look at them, I know how lucky I am to have gotten such amazing animals from Kimís cattery.
Thank you for everything and for all the future love that I will get from them.
Yours Truly,
Stacy W.


December 16, 2005

I think you are the best person I have ever dealt with on getting an animal. You treated me as though you've known me for years. I have already put your name out there for quite a few people & I'm sure I will still be doing business with you in the future. I can tell just by Lily how wonderful you are. She is the best thing that I could have hoped for. Even my husband fell in love with her already that is something. I do feel that the personality factor does involve lots of time when they are babies. Lily just proves that. It only took her 1 day in a house full of siblings. You also talked to me any time I had a question or just to talk all the time, you didn't leave me in lingo for days as I found that in other breeders. I also trusted your opinion in all matters even when I had second thoughts on a kitten verses older cat. I just couldn't possibly begin to say how wonderful I think you are.