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May 5, 2006

I cannot say enough about Kimberly and her gorgeous healthy Ragdolls kittens. This woman is dynamic!

I had search around for a Ragdoll kitten for my son, and emailed and spoke to a few catteries in Rhode Island, Mass & Ct. I soon realized that I didn't feel comfortable with a few cattery's long evasive questionnaires or upon visiting a couple self proclaimed "neat and friendly" catteries, discovered them to be cramped and not so clean conditions.

Kimberly was kind enough to respond in a timely manner, was pleasant and asked me questions without making me feel as though I was being interrogated. I liked the fact that she stayed in touch with her past clients, and also that she continually updates her website.

Obviously her past clients feel the same as she has quite a collection of Ragdoll kitten photos on her website as well and wonderful letters of recommendation. Not only did I check a few of her references, but I also was also recommended to her by 3 different veterinarians!

Kimberly's home and her kittens are beautifully maintained and obviously she gives plenty of attention to both! My new boy Abraham is full of life! He arrived to me well trained, very spoiled and has lit up our home with his antics. My vet says he is in perfect health and a very vibrant happy kitten.

Kimberly stayed in touch with us weekly, informed us of each vet visit and outcome, gave us updates and sent photos, She was never to busy to answer any of our endless questions, that new excited "parents" can come up with and has even continued to stay in touch to see how the new little one is thriving.

My family cannot get enough of watching him play, seeing him with our dog, who has become his best friend, and not even having any adjustment issues! My son and daughter are thrilled with their new Ragdoll! My husband who was never a "cat" person, suddenly can't get enough of "his" kitten, LOL! and has nicknamed him "Hammer"!

My family is very happy that we chose to get a Ragdoll kitten from Austin Farm, and already are considering a second kitten. I cannot say enough about Kimberly and her cattery. It is obvious why she was given the TICA Outstanding cattery award as she has earned every point!

I highly recommend Kimberly and Austin Farm Cattery to anyone who is in search of a lap loving, spoiled healthy Ragdoll kitten. Her kittens are just beautiful and her pleasant, warm demeanor is a wonderful addition to making anyone feel comfortable when purchasing a new Ragdoll.

Warmest regards, Dawn C. and family



May 7, 2006

I will without hesitation recommend Kim's Ragdolls. After adopting our Zoey, I can say that I could never have any other in our home. Our Ragdoll came to us so socialized, litter trained, and just the smartest kitten in the litter, I'm sure. She is just a joy, it's obvious she was given the attention, care so necessary. I read the first 12 weeks will determine what kind of cat you will have, well 2 thumbs up for Kim.....Zoey just couldn't be any better....if and when we ever get another Ragdoll, it will be from Kim and after having a Ragdoll, we could never go back to having any other kind of cat.

Arline and Larry Bacon



July 10, 2006
Hi Kimberly!

I just wanted to write and tell you that we just LOVE our little
Bijou! She is the most affectionate and playful little thing. She just
loves to snuggle, and even gives us kisses!!! By the way, we took her
for a wellness check today, and of course, all is well.

Not that she's changed much since we got her from you a few days ago,
but here are some pics just the same. Thanks again!!! We absolutely
are in love with are new little girl!

-Sarah & Daniel Snape



July 11, 2006

I just recently acquired my very first Ragdoll kitten from Kimberly. From the very beginning of my correspondence with Kimberly, I felt extremely comfortable and confident in choosing Austin Farm Cattery. Kimberly was so very helpful, and always answered my questions -- and I did have MANY, being a first time Ragdoll parent!

I live in Boston and rely heavily on public transportation, and had no way of making it to her home to pick up my kitty. But, Kimberly actually went out of her way to meet me at a train station! I am so grateful for her understanding and kindness!

But, that?s just the beginning. My little Bijou is absolutely EVERYTHING a Ragdoll should be, and more! She?s affectionate, playful, loves to snuggle on my lap and give me kisses, she follows me around everywhere, and comes running when I call her name! She?s completely litter trained, as well. And SO gorgeous and healthy! I just love her so much, and couldn't even imagine my life without the company of this sweet little jewel. Bijou is my first kitten of any breed, and I'm boy am I glad I decided to get a Ragdoll! They are truly amazing. However, everyone knows that Ragdolls are only as good as their breeders?and Kimberly raises purrrrrfect raggies!!! Needless to say, I highly recommend Austin Farm Cattery.

-Sarah Snape



July 19, 2006

We highly recommend Kimberly "Austin Farms" to anyone interested in the Ragdoll Cat.
Our kittens are very healthy, active, and socialized. Kimberly has been very informative about the breed. She also follow-ups on our babies regularly to make sure that Mackenzie and Madisyn are doing well , that we are taking good care of them, and that we are happy with our new family members. (No worries Kimberly, Maddy and Mac are the two most spoiled kitties in Massachusetts!!)

My husband and I absolutely adore our little love bugs and can't thank Kimberly enough for raising such affectionate, happy babies!
From the moment I inquired about her cats, she has been extremely helpful and when picking up our sweeties she welcomed us into her home with a friendly, caring attitude. In fact as soon as you walk through her door, you can see that her Ragdolls are part of her family and are well cared for and loved. If your looking for healthy, beautiful, loveable, playful. I swear Mackenzie thinks he is a puppy! Ragdolls look no further :)

Ray & Tammy Torres



August 16, 2006

I felt the need to write about my experience with Austin Farm as it turned out to be a wonderful experience for my husband and myself. I have been searching for a Ragdoll for about a year and also, anytime I met someone with a "Raggie" they told me to go to Austin Farm Cattery in Rhode Island I had heard horror stories from others who had purchased from catteries saying that their web sites did not quite match what they found when they arrived to pick up their kitten, but not a bad word was ever said about Kimberly or Austin Farm Cattery.

My husband suffered a heart attack a six months ago and underwent a quadruple bi-pass and has been home bound ever since. We live in Florida, but vacation here in Rhode Island during the summer months. I have spent a good amount of time on the Internet while in Florida searching for catteries, and was not impressed. Once in RI, all I heard was "write to Austin Farm", from everyone! A local waitress, our nurse at the hospital, the lady at the pharmacy counter, even a girl sitting next to us on the beach in Narragansett! I called a few vets, and they too, recommended Austin Farm Cattery.

I checked her website and was impressed with her cats, her updating her website, her "Look at me now" page. Kimberly's website reflects how much time she devotes to her kittens along with her clients. Her letters of recommendation was what impressed me the most, that many letters from happy clients! Kimberly must be pretty unique.

I contacted Kimberly a few months ago, when she was anticipating a litter. A entourage of letters from me followed, even the smallest question was answered quickly, accurately and politely. Having never purchased a purebred via the Internet before, I had no hesitation in doing so when reserving a kitten from Kimberly. She spoke with me on the phone, was very sincere, open, and knowledgeable about her cats and the Ragdoll breed.

The day finally arrived to pick up our kitten, and we had been given prior instructions as to what she would need for her new home, and Kimberly even told us where to shop for the best deals! We had to change pick up times on a few occasions, but Kimberly was never bothered by it, and adjusted her schedule to fit ours, never once was she put off or snippy.

I entered Austin Farm mid morning, and was greeted by a beautiful woman, and numerous stunning Ragdolls, and an impeccably clean house. Not even an odor of a litter box! Her Ragdolls would not even cross the threshold to go outside as she held the door open for me. She had trained them well! I looked around and not a speck of cat hair, dust or sprayed litter was anywhere to be found. Her cats were groomed, shiny, healthy and huge. They played with my purse, my pant legs and hopped onto my lap, and I had noticed all of their nails had been trimmed as well.

Kimberly had a kitten kit set up for me, boxes or treats, a bag of cat litter, paperwork of kitten care, and her contract, which she took the time to go over every section of it with me. She brought out my new kitten and I instantly fell in love. The kitten was already box trained, eating dry Iams, and happy, chubby and playful. Kimberly also showed me how she had trained the kitten to flop, stand up on her hind legs and play, and wave a paw. I was amazed at how much time she had spent nurturing her kittens. Kimberly explained to me the standards of a Ragdoll, describing her profile, her body shape, the distance between the ears, and etc. I was also given a very thorough health report by her vet as well.

My husband who could not make the trip to Austin Farm due to his health was thrilled as am I. The kitten has become "his" new companion as well as help me get through our ordeal. I cannot thank Kimberly enough for all she has done for our family by providing us with such a loving companion. I too, will be added to those who speak so highly of Austin Farm Ragdolls and Kimberly as she is truly an amazing woman.




October 9, 2006



We have had an exceptionally positive finding and owning experience Seal Point Rag Doll kitten raised by Kimberly at Austin Farms. I have been in touch with Kimberly ever since we bought and she has promptly answered all my questions and been very helpful along the way.


Gus is a beautiful 4 month old kitten with a silky soft, cream colored coat, grey-blue mittens, tail, and brown ears and face.  And, he doesn't shed! Gus is gorgeous but more importantly he has a very calm temperament, is bold, and very playful (we own 2,100 lb. Labrador Retrievers and 3 grown domestic short hair cats, and 2 ferrets).  Gus fits right into our family and I think one day will rule the roost. 


 In addition to being beautiful, cuddly, and soft Gus has a marvelous personality. He is extremely playful, intelligent, and quick to learn new tricks. We have taught him to shake, roll over, he came to us knowing how to play patty-cake, and he gives kisses on command. He has never nipped or scratched anyone and loves the dogs and ferrets.  He’d like to be friends with our older cats but they aren't happy about having a kitten around at this point.


Here is the story of how Gus (short for August) came to us. When we lost 2 of our indoor/outdoor cats (eaten by coyotes), we decided that we wanted a cat that wouldn't want to go outside.  We started researching pure bred/indoor cats and a friend told us about “Rag Dolls.” We researched them and learned that they didn't have  “A hunting instinct” and therefore were easy to keep indoors. They are known for their playful and calm temperament, their intelligence, and beauty.  I Googled “Rag Dolls” and found that the closest breeder to us was Kimberly in Rhode Island . I emailed her immediately explaining our situation and she happened to have several kittens ready for adoption in several weeks. Her home is clean, her cats are gorgeous, and she is very enthusiastic about and proud of what she does. And we think she does an excellent job as a breeder, breeding beautiful kittens with lovely temperaments, and being responsive to owners' questions and needs.


We have been delighted with Gus. Kimberly obviously takes exceptional care of her cats and works with the kittens to socialize them once they are born since Gus came to us as an extroverted and very playful kitten, instead of shy and anxious. I had never thought of owning a pure breed cat, although we have always owned pure breed dogs-Labrador Retrievers because of their easy temperament and comfortableness with children.  It makes sense to me, after having many domestic short hair cats and now a pure bred cat, that one should put a lot of thought into the personality of a cat that you will own for many years. Gus is the perfect cat. He is beautiful, non-demanding but attached to people, intelligent, and gets along well with all of our other pets. He especially loves the ferrets whom he wrestles and sleeps with.


Our next cat will definitely be a “Rag Doll” cat and we will use Kimberly again. Check out her website and the photos of her beautiful cats. Kimberly's cats are reasonably priced (I looked at other Rag Doll cats that were twice what Kimberly was charging) and worth every penny. We are thrilled with our newest addition and thank Kimberly for providing us with such a lovable pet that has brought our whole family hours of enjoyment.


Diana Hearst Ikeda, Ph.D.

Clinical Psychologist

Duxbury , M


  November 2, 2006 Love Sophia

To Austin Farm Rags/Kim

Thank you for the two ragdoll kittens we have had for the last few months.  they are beautiful, playful, and my daughter Sofia, is the happiest 7 year old in the world.  The kittens, are growing up beautifully, and are exactly as you said. thanks a million.



November 5, 2006

Dear Kim,

I’ve been planning to write to you for some time to tell you how much we are enjoying having Evie as part of our family.  Because we already owned an older cat, we didn’t feel a kitten would be the right fit for our family, so we adopted Evelyn, an adult cat and one of the breeders you were retiring.  She was shy with us at first, but after a week of getting used to us and her new environment she came around and started showing her personality.  She is now very playful and loving, and enjoys interacting with every member of our family, including the children, spending lots of time on our laps soaking up the love!  She also seems exceptionally intelligent for a cat.  Our previous cats (not Ragdolls) haven’t been quite so clever and alert.  Her coloring is absolutely gorgeous (we call her “Beautiful Cat”), and her coat is absolutely the softest of any cat’s I have ever touched.  We are really happy that when we looked for a Ragdoll cat to adopt, you were right nearby and had adult cats for us to adopt.  You took care of all the arrangements with the veterinarian and followed up with all the necessary paperwork, dealing with us very professionally.  We would certainly recommend you to other families looking for a Ragdoll cat to adopt.

Thank you so much.

Christine Stevens


December 9, 2006

Dear Kimberly,

I would be most pleased to point prospective Ragdoll owners in your direction. The loss of the Treepusher, a treasured Ragdoll friend, launched a quest to find a kitten with that same exceptional personality. We visited a number of breeders and saw some beautiful cats, but that special kitten eluded us. Then we found an internet listing for Austin Farm Cattery, and after watching the website for a few days, found a kitten that might be suitable. We sent an email of inquiry and, after a fast and friendly reply, set up a visit. The informal air of your cattery and relaxed contentment of your Ragdolls gave us confidence that any kitten we purchased from you would be well socialized and outgoing, with just the kind of happy temperament we were looking for.

When we arrived, you brought out a little handful of purring white fluff, who at four weeks old sat happily with me for the better part of an hour, while we all got to know each other. The adoption of our delightful new baby proceeded smoothly and professionally, and the only way we could have been happier would have been to adopt two!

Even interrupting him in his play, we cannot pick Disney up without receiving a loud purr and a snuggle. Watching him grow, explore, and conquer his new world here continues to be a joy. Though he is the newest member of our multi-cat household, he has been quickly accepted by the adults and has made friends and playmates of them all, which speaks well of his early socialization. But as much as he enjoys playing with the other cats, he saves his real affection and love for us, and is happiest when he's getting attention. He's first to greet us at the door, and first to climb into a lap or up on a shoulder in order to fall asleep.

He's also first to let us know it's feeding time! MEOW!!!

We couldn't be more pleased with him, and with our overall experience with Austin Farm Cattery.

Best regards,
NR Simpson, DVM
Kingston, Ma.

January 23, 2007


Hi Kimberly,

I just wanted others who may be looking for a Ragdoll to know about my experience with you and your cattery. First of all it is apparent how you put your cats and kitten's welfare first. And that translates into wonderful kittens. I was struck by your knowledge of this breed. My brother told me about them. We were not cat people, our family always owned dogs. My brother's wife was a cat person and over the years my brother came to adore their family cats....when my sister in law was dying from cancer, it was the antics of the two cats that made us all laugh. And when my sister in law died, my brother found such comfort from holding and petting the cats. So I started thinking maybe I would like to own a cat and my brother went on and on about Ragdolls. So my Internet search led me to Austin Farms and to the most beautiful kitten on the face of the planet ( I'm not biased now). I named him Blue and everyone who sees him falls in love with him. He is very intelligent and is with me everywhere I go in the house....I love the fact that he doesn't shy away from visitors, he loves the extra attention. I didn't teach him to fetch but rather he started the game all by himself. His favorite toys are wadded up paper and my chap stick...if you can just picture a kitten trotting around the house with a chap stick held in his mouth like a dog would hold a stick! That's my Blue! You have breed some amazing cats Kimberly and from the bottom of my heart, thank you for Blue.

All the best,

Maureen Roddy

Red Dress Racing

Newport, RI  



February 1, 2007

Your cat's are gorgeous and I'm so grateful to you for Maddy & Mac ,they are a constant source of joy for our family..we love them very much!!. Here is one more pic of Madisyn..she is such a pretty girl


April 27th, 2007

Dear Kimberly,
It has been one week since we picked up our beautiful Seal Mitted kitten Paddington. We want to say thank you for such a well adjusted kitten he behaves as if he has been here much longer than a week.  Following a short period of hissing and spitting, Paddington and our five month old Seal Point Siamese are the best of  friends.   Paddington  is well  worth all the prior confusion ( my fault ) in getting directions to your home. We are very pleased with Paddington and would without reservation  recommend your cattery to anyone in our area looking for a ragdoll.
Best Regards,
Anne Cassavechia.

P.S. the four nines prior to "thank you" on the subject line are courtesy of Paddington who just walked across the computer


June 19, 2007

Dear Kim,
I can not thank you enough for letting us add Sweepea to our family. It was obvious that a young kitten wasn't right for us and you were so accommodating. We are all convinced that Sweepea is the best Ragdoll in the world and even our vet agrees. She purrs constantly and loves the kids. She has adjusted so easily and brings us all smiles.  I look forward to adding another ragdoll in the future and will be in touch.
Thank you so much!



June 26, 2007

To whom it may concern,
I was looking online for cattery websites in Rhode Island and luckily
I found Austin Farms. The website was very informative, interesting, and
updated frequently. The pictures of the Ragdolls were just adorable.
After emailing Kimberly and receiving a very prompt reply, I made an
appointment to visit Austin Farms Cattery. I was very impressed with the
that Austin Farms was Kim's home; and the cats were treated like members of
her family. I reserved a kitten on my first visit!!
I now have Gussy, a Blue Mitted Ragdoll. He is just the sweetest baby.
who sees him falls in love.He truly looks like a cat in an ad for Ragdoll
It was a pleasure meeting Kim and I would recommend her cattery to
anyone interested in a beautiful, healthy, and well adjusted Ragdoll.
Nancy Costantino

July 24, 2007


Having looked around online for sometime, I finally came across Kim's website and knew that her philosophy on raising kittens matched mine- she raises her kittens in her own home and is concerned that they be sent to loving homes.  That being said, she did not appear manic in the way that other breeders I'd contacted had, who'd asked me everything from my personal family history, to my willingness to use only organic litter.  Kim is a sensible lady who knows her stuff- when my family and I visited to pick up our litter guy, I was impressed not only the the kitten knowledge she presented to us but also with the vet tech she makes sure is on call for the kittens and who stays in her home when Kim is on vacation.

Our baby boy is the sweetest and most loving cat anyone in the family has ever met,  He loves to be near people and it seems his greatest joy is to be held.  We are looking forward to a long, happy and healthy life with him.



August, 2007
To Prospective Ragdoll Kitten Owners Who are Viewing this Website:
        I have been a cat person since I found my first stray kitten, Thomasina, when I was seven years old. Her daughter, Robin, was my loving companion until I was twenty-three years old and in Graduate School. Since that time, I almost always have had multiple orphan cats who found me by various means and the idea of paying for a kitten was not in my lifestyle.

 But, there always was that special cat among the group--the one that was always loyal and always there when solace was needed or just a constant companion during the course of everyday activity. I happened to come across an article many years ago about Ragdoll cats and thought that they had the attributes that my special cats possessed. I was intrigued and thought that I wanted to better my chances of finding a kitten with the Ragdoll characteristics. When I was ready for a new kitten, researched Ragdoll breeders intently because I wanted a breeder with integrity that would deliver a kitten with the Ragdoll attributes that I desired.


        There are many enticing, flashy web sites with music and pretty visuals that promise beautiful kittens from award winning parents. I found that many of the sites have not been updated in months and I, personally, did not have good email or telephone response from the breeders.  Kimberly is different. She answers emails promptly and updates her website so often that I find myself enjoying a furtive glance at her website during work hours.  Kimberly is a smart, beautiful woman who continues with her day job while she pursues her Austin Farm cattery with conviction and professionalism.


        I brought a  beautiful, loving male seal bi-color with perfect markings and a  female rare solid blue tortie kitten, with the sweetest face possible, home several weeks ago. My family and I are so happy because their disposition is exactly as I had wished. I decided to round out my kitten family with two more of  Kimberly's beautiful, unique kittens. I know most purchasers will not want two sets of kittens and my situation may be a bit extreme. However,  I highly recommend buying two Ragdoll kittens at a time, if it is possible. The antics of sibling kittens are heartwarming and stress relieving. Everyday, we hear about the negative effects of stress and about how important it is to live in the moment. Trust me, watching two Ragdoll kittens playing and relaxing is blissful and better than television. Working with Kimberly is stress-relieving in itself.


        I am very happy to recommend Kimberly and her beautiful kittens to all who are interested. I wish you all feline companionship of the quality of Kimberly's Ragdolls!

 In Good Faith,



August 13, 2007

Dear Kim:

Annie, our beloved Ragdoll from Austin Farm, is one year old today!
Oh what joy she has brought to my life.....she is beautiful, smart, and just engaging in every way possible.She follows me around like a little dog.....her favorite “job” is making the bed each morning. This turns into a delightful game of hide and seek amongst the sheets and blankets. Another game she loves is retrieving her toys when we throw them. I’ve never had a dog do this....but she retrieves any toy thrown and will keep this game up until she wears out! Oh, and yes, she has plenty of toys to choose from as she has a basket of toys all her own.
Recently we lost one of our Shih Tzu’s to Cushings Disease. Our remaining dog, Shorty, was devastated by the loss. But our Annie stepped right in and now plays with Shorty, waits for him at the door when he returns from doing ‘his business’ and often lays down right beside him.Annie and I have spent endless hours this summer on our screened in front porch....each of us in our respective wicker rocking chairs listening to the birds and enjoying the warmth of summer. All in all Annie, our little “purr” ball, is a delight each and every day. Thank you for being a part of the process that brings such joy to me each day!

Nancy Bent


August 24, 2007

Hi Kimberly,
  Wanted to send you a few pictures of Gussy!!! These were taken a few weeks ago!! He is , of course, bigger now!! Last Saturday , August 18th , at his vet appointment, he was four pounds plus. He is really growing very quickly and developing beautifully!! Gussy is a wonderful addition to our family.  Nancy C.


September 18, 2007

Want to update you on our Zoey...she'll be 2yrs on 2/28.....I don't have a digital camera yet, but she is a totally spoiled baby,always with one of us,she doesn't like to be held for any length of time, but is totally affectionate. We made it through that "busy" first year with her flying, getting into trouble,etc, but I have never,never loved a cat like I love my "baby". Personality plus, for sure...I'll send you a picture one of these days when we get a digital....my photos are fixed in albums...she has a birthmark on her nose, but she is 1000%perfect in our eyes. I love to watch her run to our adult kids, like they're here just for her...I just never knew a cat could have such a personality and be so smart.....you probably don't remember me, but thank you for our "baby girl"......Arline and Larry Bacon


January 12, 2008

To whom it may concern,

I took my beautiful seal point Ragdoll, Cocoa, home two months ago.  He is such a happy, beautiful kitten.  He's my first Ragdoll and I am so amazed with the breed.  He surpasses all of my expectations in every way.  Cocoa follows me around the house.  He loves to be held, kissed, and cuddled.  He even sleeps next to me and nestles under the covers--purring like a motorboat.  He has the softest, silkiest coat imaginable. 

If you're thinking of adopting one of Kim's Ragdolls, I can give a very enthusiastic recommendation that you do.  She is a lovely person and a reputable breeder who cares about her kittens and her clients.  Her cattery is clean and neat.  Her kittens are well socialized and beautifully maintained.
I could not be happier.

Kim, Cocoa is such a marvelous addition to our family and he continues to bring all of us much love and joy.  I hope we reciprocate it in full.

Thank you so much.  Laura Whitaker



June 17, 2008

Hello Kim, 
    Thank you so much for our beautiful Emma!  She has been such a wonderful addition to our family.   She is quite spoiled since someone has to be home with her all the time because we feel bad leaving her.  We even had my Dad babysit while we went out.  Everyone just loves her!  Her little personality makes us all laugh throughout the day.
     I can't believe how much she has grown in just a few short weeks. I will have Jennifer send you a picture when she gets home. 
                              Thank you again Kim, I will keep in touch

August 12th 2008
Dear Kim,

 I wanted to inform anyone who is looking for a Ragdoll Kitten that they don't need to look anywhere else. I would highly recommend Austin Farm Cattery . I picked my new Ragdoll Kitten Peyton up today at the Cincinnati Airport, he had been at the airport this morning for two hours prior to flying to his new home, which was a two hour flight also. He arrived so calm not at all nervous like I would have expected for a baby only 11wks old. When Peyton arrived home he acted like he had always lived here. I could tell he had been very well socialized . Which made me so grateful. My husband and I have owned a Pet Styling Salon for 37years. We also used to breed and show Samoyed's so I do know what a loving home Peyton came from for him to have such a warm and loving personality. Kim is also very responsible with returning phone calls and e-mail's promptly. Make the right choice, choose Austin Farm Cattery. 

 Sharon and Joe Sparrow


August 14, 2008

Our beautiful Ragdoll, Raggedy Ann or Annie as we call her, is two years old today!  What joy she brings to my life each day. 

She is beautiful and so smart, of course.  Never owned a dog that would retrieve like she does – it’s a game of which she never tires.

She follows me around the house like a dog and always sleeps at my feet at night.

However, if I become restless she is “in my face” checking on me!

And she is so happy to see me in my waking moments and she again is “in my face” and talking to me to greet the new day.

During the summer we spend endless hours on our front screened in porch watching the birds or taking a “cat” nap.

I have had cats all my life, but none can compare to Annie, our absolutely lovely Ragdoll.

Thank you again for being a part of the joy she brings to my life.


Nancy Bent


September 17, 2008

Hi Kim!!  I hope you are doing well!  I just wanted to send you an
update on Chip!  He is doing great!  We just love him!!  He is sooo
funny and is great with daughter!  He has been a great addition to our
family!  He's such a lovey!!  And he has a great personality!  Here are
a couple of pictures of him with my daughter.  His color is starting to
get a little darker on his body so you can actually see more of a
pattern (although it's hard to see in the pictures).  He's beautiful!
Thank you again I'm so glad things worked out the way they did!!

Take Care!



October 3, 2008

Hi Kim, Just a quick note to let you know how Peyton is doing he is so beautiful and smart. He doesn't know a
Stranger, He has such a good temperament, never shy or afraid of any sudden noise. I contribute that to you Kim for being such a excellent breeder, I thank you for that. I used to breed Samoyed's and I know how important it is to socialize when they are small. My son has three cats and has said that when he is ready for another kitten he would definitely want to buy from you. Keep up with your tenderness with your breeding practices. Thank you again for allowing us to enjoy and be owned by one of your
Ragdoll kittens. Sharon , Ohio

October 4, 2008


It's hard to believe that our little Murphy is celebrating her 6mos birthday already!  She has been such a wonderful addition to the family, with her sweet, clever & playful nature.  She is always investigating every box, bag or otherwise foreign object that enters our living room, trying to determine new ways of adapting it to play.  She welcomes anyone who enters our home (whether they are human, or furry by nature - as pics show).  As a matter of fact, visitors often ignore us completely, heading right over to visit Murphy (our resident matriarch), before greeting us!  She is wonderfully playful by day (chasing stuffed mice from one end of the house to the other), and snuggly at night (giving us kisses & kneads as she lulls herself to
sleep).  In short, we couldn't be more thrilled with Miss Murphy, and recognize that the loving environment that Austin Farm offers their kittens, had much to do with her wonderful personality.  Thank you so much for trusting us with your kitten.  We look forward to many fun-filled years with our 'chocolate girl'.

Very truly yours,
Amy & Jim


November 21st 2008
Dear Kim just another update on Peyton he is Doing wonderful, growing to be such a handsome Young boy! He is truly the most lovable kitten we
Have ever owned,and of course I do have other cats And one of which is another Ragdoll beautiful and Sweet also, but nothing like Austinfarmrags you are
The top of the breeding scale. I hope that people will Listen to what your clients are saying and do purchase a kitten from you. Kim never give up breeding because I certainly don't want to purchase from anyone else.

Joe & Sharon Sparrow


June 12, 2009
I looked on the web for a long time trying to find a breeder that would give me healthy kittens emotionally and physically. I had lost two young cats in two years. My tabby tied of FIP which she got from her mother. My cats are indoor only. The second one on my first vet visit one week after obtaining her I was told she had  level three heart murmur and would live a full life. Her prognosis was poor. I could not return her because she was part of my family and then what would become of her. She was on meds most of her short life .When i contacted Kim I brought all this baggage with me. She walked me through my concerns kindly. Her parent cats are FIP tested so there is not a concern that the babies will have this deadly virus. She kept me informed from there birth so i knew how they were doing and sent me a picture of them . She was also kind about my poor computer skills. I brought my kittens home this past week. They saw the vet who told me I got a great deal. The kittens were healthy ,thriving, and social and would be good pets for me. One of my kittens is a rare  solid  blue and the other a seal lynx. I could not even find a picture on the web of an adult solid blue. I am grateful to her and recommend her and i am in love with my kittens

. Maryann Sarro


Kim I just want to let you know how wonderful my two boys are that I got from your Cattery, their temperament is so outstanding it shows how much love and affection they receive in your home. My husband and I have been in business for 37years, We own a Pet Styling and In Home Pet sitting service, plus we used to breed and show Samoyed's we always took pride in the fact that none of our puppies were caged, they stayed in the living area's with us, that way they were socialized and not afraid of anything when they left our home.This is the way your kitten's came to us. Peyton is now 1year and Montana is 9wks and they act like they have always lived here. I highly recommend people to be owned by one of Austin Farm Rags. If anyone wants a referral I would love to give it. Sharon Sparrow, Milford Ohio   We are looking forward to a kitten next year!

  July 27, 2009
Hi Kim,  As promised here's a recent photo of Oliver (the new love of my life)!  He is absolutely the most wonderful kitten!  Thank you for breeding such adorable Ragdolls. I read about Ragdolls extensively before I purchased one from you, and I searched many websites. I found all your past references very helpful in making my decision.   Oliver has all of the characteristics that I hoped for.  He is loving, sweet, very smart and has beautiful markings.  I also want to thank you for your great communication during the process of purchasing Oliver and your flexibility about meeting with us. I am so glad that I got my kitty from you and I'm sure you'll hear from me again someday when I'm looking for another one. 
Thanks again!
Deb Reed


September 21, 2009

After loosing 2 cats in a house fire  I decided it was time to buy a cat ... I  started searching the internet for a cat that would be right for me and I ran across the rag doll .
I contacted a breeder which was a few streets down and after filling out a questionnaire and many e-mails and phone calls with no response, It was time for me to look at another breeder and very Happy I found you ! 


I found you to be very helpful with all my questions and the way you respond thru e-mail is amazing .
I will never buy from another breeder, When it comes time to maybe buy another ragdoll I will come right back to Austin farm cattery.
Zoey has made our home a Happy again and I glad I chose the ragdoll breed .


I would recommend Austin farm cattery to anyone looking for a Beautiful, Healthy, Happy, Loving ragdoll kitten,
Thanks a million for OUR Precious Zoey
Kim & Scott Hartley

September 2009

I am so happy we found Austin Farm Cattery.  I don't know what life would be like without my two baby girls!  I can't thank Kim enough for Pita and Nya.    My boyfriend and I intended on buying just one kitten, but when Kim emailed us with pictures of the 2 girls she had available, we fell in love.  Both kittens are beautiful, lovable, and have great personalities.   They adjusted very well to their new home quickly.   Our families are in love with them!  Kim has been amazing every step of the way.  She is wonderful!  I highly recommend Austin Farm Cattery to anyone interested in beautiful, healthy Ragdoll kittens!

Thank you Kim!

Danielle & Rai


November 2, 2009

Good Morning

I just wanted you to know that Mowry is doing great and he is so loved
by every one he meets he's full of love and life and doesn't have a
problem showing it I bought him an interactive pet so he would be lonely
when I'm working that purr's and he loves it in fact I have pictures
that shows him playing with his new friend when I get them developed I
will be sure to send you some. Kim thank you I love him so much there
are no words I know he can't take JR's place but all I can say is a
heart felt thank you


June 2, 2011I had purchased my Kona from you 2 1/2 yrs ago and he has grown into a very handsome man!! He has the most unique characteristics I have ever experienced. He is so much fun to play with, friendly, very lovable, talks a lot and is spoiled rotten. I take him for walks in my arms at night around the neighborhood and my neighbors cannot believe he just stays there with no wants of getting down (in Arizona will not let him down when outside due to the many creatures we have). I receive soooo many compliments about him. I wanted to let you know what a great job you do with the breeding!! Every day with him is like the first!! Thank you!!

Debbie Schwegler

June 15, 2011

Hi Kim,

I just wanted to give you a kitty update!

Chloe is absolutely, positively the most precious little thing in this world!!!!  She is soooooo funny!!  Watching her antics are hysterical!!  She runs, jumps, trips, slides, climbs, and she is such a BEAUTIFUL
BABY!!  Our other girls, Heather and Abby are beginning to come around, and all Chloe wants to do is be their new best friend ~ it is just so funny to watch them!
Thank you soooooo much for everything; we just love her sooooo much :-) !!

I'll stay in touch as she progresses!!!!!!

Russ and Pat 


September 24, 2011

Hi Kim,
There are no words to express how happy I (we) are with our furry family members.  I did SO much research before I decided on a Ragdoll (my oldest son, 11, is very allergic...but not at all to this breed) ....and even more to find a breeder I felt 100% good about.  YOU are one of the best decisions I have made in my life!  My boys, Kashmir & Nyxx, are beautiful, friendly, snuggly, loving and exceptionally bred cats....we couldn't love them more....I could never trade either for anything.....they're like my "other two sons".
For anyone considering a Ragdoll....look NO further.  Kim is a wonderful person....so friendly, informative and kind.  When I arrived at her home....it was so clean, you would never know she had any animals there.  No fur, no smell of litter boxes or anything else.  I was 110% impressed.  Both of our babies were completely litter box and scratching post trained....as per her word.  They are healthy, gorgeous and everything a Ragdoll is supposed to be, from their build to their temperament.  For someone as picky as myself, I know I could not have made a better choice.  It's no wonder to me why her clients come back for another (and another!)....or why her kittens go so fast.  My Vet was even jealous, lol.
THANK YOU KIM!!!!!  I feel like you're part of our family just as much as our beautiful babies....I would recommend you to ANYONE looking for the cat of their dreams.....that's what you gave us.  You're the BEST there is as far as me & my family are concerned.  You gave us an exceptional gift....TWO of them :)
Sincerely & with much love (from all 5 of us),
Denise Macaris (and Sam & Luke....my human babies, lol)
Arlington,  MA

May 17, 2012

I had contacted Kim to purchase a kitten for my wife for Mothers' Day. I was contacted quickly and was informed that she had a kitten ready to go with all of her shots a day before Mothers' Day. Kim had gone out of her way to make sure a time that worked for me to meet And pick up our precious new addition to our family.
The knowledge and professionalism was perfect and have recommended her to other people already.

Thank you once again Kim, Peter Ebert-Pierce.


May 18, 2012

Upon searching the web for catteries in New England. I found a breeder not far away by the name of Austin Farm Ragdoll Cattery in Rhode Island. After reading and checking out the website I emailed Kim telling her what I was looking for. Kim responded and was very accommodating and informative. She had one kitten left of a current litter. When it was time to pickup my baby, Kim was right on the ball with all the paper work and records I needed. She also wants to keep in contact with me as my Tobea (Toby) grows up to help with questions or whatever I may need along the way.

Lynn in Connecticut


May 27, 2012

To Whom It May Concern:

I am immensely pleased with my new Lilac Ragdoll kitten. I’d contacted many other breeders over the past year and Kim from Austin Farms Cattery was by far, the most professional & informative breeder in the region.

Kim made sure that we had every bit of helpful information that we needed from the beginning and right on through the whole process. This resulted in a Solid Lilac Ragdoll kitten that we took home with us and it was exactly what we were looking for. He is lively, well trained, affectionate, and absolutely gorgeous. My devastatingly handsome Maksim (the ragdoll kitten) fits in perfectly with our small family, which includes a 7 year old Persian cat. I felt very comfortable dealing with Kim because she was always super quick with her email response and took the time to answer every question that I had. The affordable pricing of these kittens is yet another reason why I would never have to look any further for a Ragdoll breeder.

I would Recommend Austin Farms Cattery to anyone looking for their own lovely Ragdoll kitten. You will be very pleased with the Courteous and professional treatment that you receive from start to finish, as well as a perfect addition to the family.


Bea Pacheco



June, 2012

Dear Kim,

When acquiring a pet, I believe it is important to do one's due diligence on the breeder. There are so many issues that can arise if the breeder is anything but totally reputable. When considering a new pet I actually visited another breeder whose cats were dirty and in questionable health. Finding you was absolutely the best! I would be pleased to talk to anyone considering purchasing one of your kittens. My Nola is healthy, extremely playful, well socialized and a total joy! I commend you on your care of all your pets and their offspring. It was very clear that you take wonderful care of all those in your household! Thank you for Nola!

Faye Sanders



To Whom It May Concern,

While researching Rag Dolls for my daughter, I came upon Austin Farm Rag
Dolls website. After some research and email exchanges with Kim, my
daughter and I placed a deposit on a springtime Rag Doll. Peach, a
chocolate point Mink, joined our family in April 2012 and immediately
found her place in our extended fuzzy family. Her loving disposition
has made her a family favorite but it is our 2 year old Yellow Lab,
Boone, who has fallen in love the deepest. They play, sleep and
snuggle...constantly. Her demeanor is sweet, loving and
demanding.....in essence, everything we were hoping for. Her
personality is only outdone by her beauty and her stunning aquamarine
eyes. It is apparent that her first weeks on the planet were spent in a
loving, caring environment by a person who cultivates love and warmth.

Karen E. Levin
June 10, 2012   

June 2013

To all potential new kitten owners:

I just purchased two of Kim's kittens -- a seal boy and a lilac boy -- for my family. I cannot begin to describe just how special these two kittens are but I'll try :)

They are both absolutely beautiful. Gorgeous, thick coats and big blue eyes! Their personalities are just as wonderful. They are both calm, happy, playful, responsive and cuddly, and they are still tiny babies! They have completely bonded with my family, which includes two teens and two five year olds. I can tell Kim did a wonderful job socializing them -- they are not timid or fearful in the least -- and are completely sweet, gentle and loving.

And they are smart little fellows! They took to their litter box the first night home, and use it dutifully :). I was really impressed!  They both love to play "catch" batting their little toy balls back and forth to us, and already run to us as soon as they see us to be picked up and cuddled.

We just love them to pieces already! We could not be happier!

We live in Los Angeles, and Kim did a wonderful job of coordinating our adoption of the kitties. She is extremely responsive, knowlegeable, answered all our questions, sent us pictures, and went above and beyond to help us receive the kitties. They came through the long flight just perfectly (so don't be afraid if you live a distance from Florida).

I heartily recommend Kim and Austin Farms if you are looking to add kittens to your family. We are so happy to have found her, and rate our experience with her as Five Star!

Kim from Los Angeles

Janaury 4, 2014

Dear Kim:

Thank you so much for our adorable addition to our home, Mocha, formerly Mocha Latte. I know you do not name the kitties but select names to identify them. Well, Mocha is perfect for him and his beautiful coloring.  He has a beautiful coat, awesome eyes and is so handsome. He gets along with our other ragdoll kitty just fine and has taken a liking to the dogs. I appreciate you taking the time to answer my questions prior to and after we took him home. You obviously love your work and have good information to share with pet owners new to the breed. 

Thank you again for everything. It was a pleasure meeting you and having one of your beautiful cats as part of our family.


Anne Marie Izzi



June 22, 2014

After much research I decided that the ragdoll breed personality was exactly what I wanted in my next cat. The most important thing to me was to make sure I got my kitten from a reputable breeder to insure that I got a happy , healthy, and well adjusted kitten.
Scouring the internet I explored several breeders in Mass, Connecticut, and Rhode Island. After sending multiple emails and corresponding with several breeders Kim stood out right away. She always answered my emails very promptly and politely being sure to answer any questions I had.
There were several months between when I put my deposit down and when I got to pick up my little Oliver. I'm that time I was sure I just have driven Kim crazy with all of my questions but she always handled my inquiries in a polite and knowledgeable manner.
The day I picked up my little guy I felt very welcomed into her home, the surroundings were very clean and neat and her ragdolls were very friendly and obviously very well taken care of. She sat down with me and went through any questions I had and went through the basics on ragdoll care. She clearly knows what she is doing and since picking Oliver up she has been prompt in helping me with my new mommy questions.
Thank you so much Kim for all you have done, I am convinced that I have the sweetest and most loving ragdoll on the planet. Oliver has the best personality, he is loving, gentle, playful and absolutely gorgeous. I will never get a cat of any other breed he has melted the hearts of everyone he meets. If you want to get a ragdoll search no further, Kim and her kittens will meet and exceed any expectations you have and I will only deal with her for any future ragdoll purchases.

Jennifer Vespia
Rhode Island


May 5, 2016


Hi Kimberly,

Just wanted to send you a few updated pictures of Tinkerbell (and her adopted sister and playmate Tabitha) as she turns 10 years old today!!!  Our little Cinco de Mayo baby!!

I can't believe it has already been 10 years since you so graciously let us become her new forever family. She is certainly the best kitty we have ever had. Our love for her still grows daily as she is just such a special girl. She still acts like a kitten, running crazy and playing constantly.  We absolutely love that about her. And she is always with us where ever we go. She is a true buddy cat that's for sure. Everyone who meets her just loves her as much as we do because of her extremely friendly personality. It's so great!!

Thought you might like to know she is doing very well,  very happy and healthy and living the good life being spoiled with lots of hugs and kisses daily
Thanks again so much for letting us have her,
The Gautieri Family 


December 1, 2017

I have 2 ragdolls from Kim and we love them to the moon and back. Kim is very knowledgeable and is very passionate about her babies. We have a red mink and a pure white named Peetie and Simba. They are sweet fluffy and loveable.

I would highly recommend buying a kitten from Kim.

Mary LaRoche




December 7, 2017

Dear Kim,

I wanted to take a minute to thank you for providing such a wonderful, pretty and well-mannered cat to our family, Penelope is wonderful with the kids and has taken to them very nicely.

She is very happy and healthy in her new home and we look forward for many years of companionship. Also thank you for taking the time to answer all of our follow-up questions.

I would highly recommend yourself and Austin Farm for anyone who is looking for perfect pet!!

The Rodenbaugh Family



Dear Kim,

It has been a long time since I had a "baby" in the house. Lightning, now called Callie, is a pure joy and so so sweet.

After losing my dear cat companion in October 2016, I decided I wanted my next adoption to be a pure breed because I was hoping to find a cat with a similar temperament to the one I lost. After much research, I happened upon the Ragdoll breed and a few others known for being "loves". 

I had never worked with a breeder and my first exposure (not a Ragdoll breeder) left me wary. After that experience, I happened across your website and feel so blessed to have done so. My experience from our first contact was outstanding and far exceeded my expectations. To name a few ways:

Timely responses - even though you're busy, particularly with the holiday season, you answered every email quickly and as thoroughly as possible.

Cleanliness of your home - If I didn't know I was picking up a kitten from you, I would have never known you had cats.

Your obvious love for all of your animals and the pride you take in them.

Most importantly, the depth and breadth of your knowledge about the cats, as well as their care. You are on point with everything, which was confirmed/validated by my Veterinarian.

Because of you and your expertise, you made this adoption experience - in spite of all my worries - pleasant , easy, and smooth. 

To anyone reading this letter, I would highly recommend Kim at Austin Farm Cattery if you are looking for a healthy, well cared for kitten.

Lisa from New Hampshire -