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References from Past Ragdoll Clients

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   Having visited the Austin Farm Cattery on two occasions, once with a friend, each of us to hand pick our precious little ones, and again to pick them up.

My feeling and observation is that Kim is a very warm, friendly, and knowledgeable breeder.

Raising her kittens underfoot in a safe, clean environment with excellent health seem to be Kim's priorities.

Her kittens have sweet temperaments , playful personalities and are a part of her family, receiving lots of love and attention from their human mom.

It is very important to her that all her kittens go to loving and caring homes.

Our little Chloe is a beautiful, playful, inquisitive, intelligent and loving companion in excellent health.

Am so satisfied with this cattery that I Plan on adopting another little angel in the near future.


Sue Conner


To whom it may concern

    My husband Peter and I were looking for a new cat to purchase. We looked on the Internet for some time before we came across Austin Farms. I have to admit that there was a breeder closer to us as we live in Massachusetts and Kim in Rhode Island.

We sent Kim an email letting her know that we were interested in her litter that was not even born yet. Putney and Evelyn looked so cute that we just knew that we wanted a kitten that looked them.

We were looking for a Seal Color Point but know that we could not be guaranteed that any of Eleven's kittens would be one.

It turned out that Kojak was and we were go glad.

We have emailed and talked to Kim by phone and she is the nicest person you could ever want to talk to as well as being very helpful with all the questions that we asked her.

If you are interested in one of her kittens I would not hesitate for one second Kim is the best.

Yours truly,

 Peter and Suzanne Keith


    I was looking to adopt another kitten as a companion for my one year old cat. I looked at many catteries in Massachusetts and Rhode Island and was very impressed by Kimberly's prompt response. She was eager to tell me all that I wanted to know about the kittens and was available for me to visit the kittens at my convenience. I was very impressed when I first walked into the house to see the kittens. The kittens were in a clean environment and had Evelyn and Putney right there to keep an eye on their babies.

After my visit to the cattery I decided to adopt Hamlet (Hammie).  Knowing that he came from such a clean, loving environment I would recommend getting a kitten from Kimberly.




Dear Kimberly
    First let me tell you how professional you are.  The packet you give out regarding the raising of the kittens is definitely a plus, as well as receiving your vets record for the kitten.
I am duly impressed!
The kitten is a joy. I can't get over the fact that she is litter boxed trained.  She eats well and plays with her toys to my great entertainment.  I have fallen hopelessly in love with her.
Thank you for your follow-up.  It shows what a caring and conscientious person you are.
As ever


    When my husband and I first decided to purchase a Ragdoll kitten, I went to the Internet for information, and I found Austin Farm Rags. I wrote to Kimberly about adopting one of the kittens from her expected litter. We were so pleased with the prompt response and detailed letter that was so full of the information we needed in order to pick out our kitten. She also told us quite a bit about Ragdolls, and I feel she is a very knowledgeable breeder. How excited we were to come home from our vacation to see that our little Bonnie had been born. Kim kept up updated with pictures and health information on a regular basis until we were able to collect our new little baby. She also answered every little question I had as an expectant "Mom." When we finally met Kim, we were not surprised at how friendly, and warm she is. The Cattery was spotless, as was our new little one. She explained everything we needed to know, and also wants to keep in touch with updates and photos. She truly cares about her beautiful cats and kittens. We love Bonnie so much and it is very evident that she will grow up to be a wonderful healthy Ragdoll. I would recommend Austinfarmrags to anyone who is looking for a loving cat. Thank you Kim for all your help.

Linda Barrett


    I fell in love with my kitten the minute I saw her. You can tell she was raised with a lot of attention and love. I was very impressed with Putney when I met him - as if he was checking me out to see if I was good enough to adopt one of his kittens. He was the friendliest, most affectionate male cat - jumping up onto the couch to be petted and loved.

You are very knowledgeable and answered all of my questions. I was looking for a companion for my Himalayan kitten, but most of all to replace my 14 year old cat that passed away earlier this year. Isabelle is the most loving, intelligent, inquisitive, and playful kitten that I have seen. She is healthy, loves to be held, and is very beautiful. You can see that having a safe, loving environment has made all of the difference in the world in her personality.

I am interested in showing her seeing she is so beautiful and has such charisma. You provided valuable information about showing her in cat shows and what I needed to do to prepare and train her.

For anyone interested in purchasing a kitten from Kimberly, she is a caring, compassionate person. She emailed pictures weekly to provide an update once the kittens were born. She has a very clean Cattery and I recommend her highly.

Then I found Austin Farm Cattery & found Kimberly to be open, honest, knowledgeable and willing to work with me after the first email. I am considering getting another kitten in the future from her. Again, I would recommend her very highly. I now have one of the sweetest kittens that I've ever had. I simply adore her!

Sincerely, Brenda Howard


April 7, 2005

Dear Kimberly,

    It was a pleasure dealing with you in the adoption of my little man, Boo Boo Bear. He is quite well adjusted and a love. I found your cattery, Austin Farm Cattery, to be clean, well kept, and your cats to be loving and welcoming. It was nice to be able to meet Boo Boo Bear’s parents, Eve and Putney, and his siblings. I found all of your cats to be well socialized, and being raised in such a loving environment, I wouldn’t expect anything different.

I appreciated your knowledge and openness during the adoption process. It was nice to know that you were available to me for any of my nervous “new mom” questions. I know that I asked an awful lot, however, you always answered patiently and promptly. Both you and your husband were helpful and I am so very grateful. As you know, you were not the first cattery I contacted, and I was almost ready to give up when I found you. I am so glad that I did find you and that you were so willing to help find a kitten that will be my soul mate for years to come. It was definitely worth the trip to Rhode Island to adopt my little Boo Boo Bear.

I want you to know that I took Boo Boo Bear to my vet yesterday for a wellness checkup. My vet confirmed everything that you promised. Boo Boo Bear received a clean bill of health. Thank you again for everything. I know Boo Boo Bear was well cared for during his first several weeks from birth in your home, it shows in his behavior with me. I will certainly keep you posted on his progress and send photos. Thank you so much.

Shannon Sanford and Boo Boo Bear
Seymour, CT

May 8, 2005

Dear Kimberly,

Thank you for making our adoption process a delight. From our first conversation it was obvious, how much experience and knowledge you have with Ragdolls. You were able to answer all my questions with ease and were a great support during the process.

All the time and love you have given to our kitten is seen in his loving and playful nature. He has adjusted with ease to our dog, and I am sure the reason for that, is because of his interaction with your own. As you promised, Carson is in excellent health and my vet confirmed this without any reservations, he was also impressed by your professionalism as a breeder. I plan on adopting another kitten in the near future, and you will be the only breeder I will be contacting.

Thank you for our little bundle of joy!

The DiFilippo Family