Austin Farm Ragdoll Cattery

An International Cat Association Breeder -TICA

Since 1999

Rhode Islands only DEM /STATE inspected Cattery


 18 Years  experience Breeding Healthy, Well Socialized,  Raised Underfoot, Loving Ragdoll Kittens.

Specializing in

Ragdoll Cats & Kittens In Rhode Island

Traditional,  Solid, Mink &  Sepia





If you Love Ragdolls! This is the place for  you!






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Past Kittens

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Awards 2


Read about Austin Farm's Adorable Ragdoll Kittens on The Learning Channel!

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We do not Early Alter our Kittens!

My web site changes often to reflect the happenings at the Cattery and gained knowledge of this wonderfully loving breed.

 I am very proud to display the many awards I have won for my work & dedication to the Ragdoll Breed, My experience with The Learning Channel & the numerous letters of recommendation over the past decade from my Ragdoll Families and Ragdoll Catteries, which carry my lines.

I also am honored to have received the TICA Outstanding Cattery certification for many years.

 I hope you enjoy your visit.




Austin Farm Cattery is a personal Hobby devoted to the betterment of the Ragdoll Breed and the personal pleasure received in doing so.

We are not a Business.

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